Migration of warehouse technology in the chemical sector with app and Kardex support

The challenge: an existing storage system for chemicals was expanded. Large parts of the items were to be relocated to a newly built warehouse with dynamic warehousing and automated delivery systems. To do this, it was necessary to re-label the items with new barcodes. How do you simplify the migration of thousands of inventory items?

Anic supported the migration with an individual app for barcode relabeling with Kardex support (interface support for the Kardex-Remstar storage systems). The workload per stock item was reduced to a minimum – the entire process was easy to operate using a barcode scanner. After the employee had processed the article using the app, the article was transferred to the Kardex storage system – due to the implemented interface, the rest was fully automated.

Technical background information

The aim of the WPF app for Windows was to reduce the number of steps for the user as much possible. With the help of the Caliburn.Micro Frameworks, the MVVM pattern was implemented to separate the logic from the display and to enable easier testing. The MahApps.Metro Paket was used to create a modern look based on the design of Windows 10. Windows Presentation Framework was used as the basis and the UI description language XAML. The app was developed with Microsoft Visual Studio 2017. The NuGet Package Stylecop Analyzers was used to set coding standards for easy-to-read C # code across developers.

Visual Studio 2017 also uses the current version of C#. Here the shorter notation form for properties as expressions and the pattern matching capability in switches was used.

The Caliburn.Micro Framework enables ViewModels to be loosely coupled to the views. Many of the bindings are made using the names and folder structure.

The UI was optimized for operation using a barcode scanner so that the user experience would not suffer even with prolonged periods of concentration. A dark theme with context-sensitive error messages enabled a fatigue-free workflow.

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