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Why do I need custom software?

The standard software you use is already reaching its limits – so what if your business grows or the market brings new requirements? Bespoke software from anic supports you in your growth and planning.

Standard software can be found, but your business is special! Custom software from anic is the logical and economical answer:

  • There are no limits with custom software. Whether it be MobileApp, IoT, OnPremise or Cloud – we have already implemented all of this in real software projects.
  • Lean applications that do exactly what you want – no more and no less.
  • Pay only for what you really need. A practical example: one of our customers paid over 100,000 EUR a year for an off the shelf cloud service. With our solution, their operating costs are now only around 8000 euros a year!
  • Our scalable applications make you fit for the future.
  • High performance through perfect coordination with the required amounts of data. In this way you gain working time and increase effectiveness.
  • From public to secret – custom software from anic takes into account all your security requirements and data classifications.
Why do I need custom software?
My custom software - why from anic?

My custom software – why from anic?

We pour your ideas and requirements into a tailor-made custom application. You can relax and concentrate on your business because your bespoke software simply works. This proven by the success of completed projects. An international pharmaceutical company achieved a cost reduction of over one million euros through the order and chemical inventory platform created by anic. But that’s not the only reason why anic has 5-star customer satisfaction. Custom software from anic scales with the requirements and is used in safe and / or validated environments.

Sounds good? It is! And the best thing is that it will work for you too. We promise!

Click here now and tell us about your project. We are looking forward to your inquiry!


My custom software from anic – how does that work?

We are fluent both in the language of clients as well as developers – no misunderstandings, no bad surprises. Use your budget and other resources for what you have planned. Invest in the right place and create new scope for your investments.

Your advantage is our many years of experience in the management of complex requirements. This enables us to understand what specialist departments, decision-makers and users really want. And you understand and see what is being done – that means full transparency in the development process of your software.

How does that work? Take a look behind the scenes: from URS and FRS over testing frameworks to finished software by us on the basis of a real project.


My custom software from anic - how does that work?
Custom-made software from anic - what can we develop for you?

Custom-made software from anic – what can we develop for you?

We develop your software – from SMEs to international corporations, from “Big Data” to Cloud or OnPremise. With our partner ChemAxon for example, we make 30 million chemical structures searchable. An event ticket system for over 100,000 visitors also demonstrates its scalability in spite of extreme peaks during the opening rush.

Our applications in secret environments meet the highest security requirements in the industry. Click here to read experience reports from security projects.

This is your business advantage: custom software from anic. For you.

Read below the areas in which we were active and which technologies and products we use.


Areas in which we have been successful:

  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
  • Scientific applications in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry
  • LIMS (laboratory information and management system)
  • Validated processes
  • Qualified systems
  • GxP/GMP & GAMP5 environment
  • Collaboration management and budgeting
  • Reporting on Key Performance Indicators (KPI)
  • Automobile trade
  • Healthcare – hospital administration for example

Technologies and products used:

  • Angular
  • ASP.Net MVC
  • Azure (development and hosting)
  • C#
  • Database systems based on Oracle, SQL Server and PostgreSQL.
  • Entity Framework
  • Java
  • Python
  • Reporting-Tools (SAP Crystal Reports)
  • Sharepoint
  • VB.NET
  • Winforms
  • WPF
  • WebServices (WCF / REST)

Other technologies and products are used when called for.


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