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Process management can be so easy.

Optimizing and coordinating processes in development and production is the key to greater productivity. The planning, optimization and monitoring of all production and development processes is now much easier and clearer. Our customers also use anicirx in addition to the existing ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning software) or as program management software. Learn more about the advantages of this software and the opportunities that open up for your company.

Would anicirx suit my business?

The possibility to freely define and plan the use of any resources – whether human, material, machine or project – enables implementation in all areas of a business.

In addition to additional modules for finance and chemistry, it’s also suitable for use by various trades and in industrial companies.

anicirx is not only suitable as process management software, but also as program management software for managing sub-projects, for example in the field of chemistry and pharmaceuticals.
Say goodbye to spreadsheet programs and “VLOOKUP” und “‘VALUE!”.

Can I use for complex projects?
Use case anicirx pilot plant chemistry PET bottle recycling

anicirx use case – the process factory

You can see an example of its use in a pilot plant in the chemical industry for the production of PET bottles:

  • Define tasks, finances, materials, processes and resources.
    (Screenshot processes).
  • Enter all required process information (e.g. title, start, end etc.) and assign the necessary tasks to the process.
    (Screenshot tasks).
  • Using the Gantt chart in the anicirx main window “Tasks”, tasks (and subtasks) can be easily moved with the mouse, both in terms of time and via various resources.
    (Screenshot tasks details).
  • Trends and bottleneck evaluation can be seen in the anicirx dashboard giving clear process visualization.
    (Screenshot dashboard).
  • A reaction scheme (via integrated editor for structural formulas and reaction processes), budget and financial planning, material and task overview is easily available.
    (screenshot process with reaction schemes).

Process management software

Control processes intelligently

  • All relevant information from production at a glance
  • Fast transfer of information through interfaces to reporting tools
  • Trends and bottleneck situations are recognized at an early stage
  • Rapid identification of alternative resources in the event of overload and malfunction
anicirx project management overview
anicirx project management administration


anicirx grows along with your tasks

  • Reusable templates as a basic building block for individual processes (process lifecycle management maximization)
  • With every new process, the actively usable data history grows and provides valuable information for optimizing processes
  • Minimization of administration effort through central data acquisition and administration
  • Perfect overview thanks to a visual representation of production information in dashboards and heat maps
  • Simplest process planning and service portal for KPIs – resources, availability and utilization, cost status and budget at a glance

Impact on operations

Your plus with anicirx

  • All processes at a glance – clear task planning: what needs to be done, who does it and what is the current status
  • Perfect overview of resources, processes or experiments on the timeline
  • Perfect team communication – team leaders have a complete overview when all employees manage their tasks independently
How can I benefit from anicirx


  • Microsoft Windows® Client
  • Microsoft SQL Server®
  • local oder cloud Installation
  • Web client in Development


  • Process visualization and process management
  • Management and planning of resources
  • Detailed budget and accounting information
  • Materials calculation
  • Know-how growth through process templates
  • Orderbook – preflight in draft mode


  • Planning in interactive Gantt charts
  • Heat map
  • Full text search and filter function
  • Drill down zoom functions


  • Freely editable categories and hierarchies
  • Freely editable types and properties


  • Dashboard: important information presented graphically
  • Overviews: resources, tasks and processes
  • Simple, individual addition of the KPIs


  • Editable process attributes such as cost centers, types and accounts
  • Multilingual user interface

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