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Consulting and IT project management services means focusing on YOUR tasks and challenges in the area of IT.

We create imaginitive concepts and practical solutions that fit YOUR needs.

We are there to support YOU with advice and we understand what will help YOU advance. Our completed projects are the proof that we achieve this.

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anic offers you:

We use carefully selected standard software and develop customized software when required.

We deliver your bespoke solution as a complete package.

IT project management in a national and international environment

These projects have been successfully concluded – a selection of recent solutions demonstrate our competence in the following areas:

IT security project management & solution design

Anic is implementing a SecDevOps community in the IT organization of our client who has more than 50,000 employees with the focus to establish a Secure Software Development Lifecycle (SSDLC).

This includes communication management at all levels, training and customization of existing processes and core tools such as hardened source code repositories, Secrets Management, Container Orchestration (Kubernetes) and Security Automation Orchestration.

Synergies between existing software development teams across all departments are identified and a regular exchange and knowledge transfer is reinforced through the SecDevOps community. 

Together with the customer, we selected the OWASP SAMM v2.0 framework as the basis. All in all, this results in a cultural change in software development. (2019-today)

Merger & acquisitions program/project management

QA & QC IT project management & DevOps

Business process modeling & solution design – OLED

Business process modelling & solution design – pre-production upscaling

Business process modelling & solution design – pre-production biomarker/antibodies

IT project management in a national and international environment

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