Individual data hub for secret data

How do you back up secret data to individual clients in grown environments?

Example image private / secure

Data that is particularly valuable should also be protected. In order to support our customers in this, anic designed an SQL proxy with a persistent session context for the databases behind it with row and column security. How do you keep flexibility while increasing security requirements? The solution: a .net-based REST web service was implemented, which is addressed via Windows authentication (e.g. Kerberos) and which only accesses the database. The user session is backed up to the database and made available to it. There, data is made available to users individually at the row and column level. This means that unauthorized access to both the database on the intranet and to secure database rows is not possible.

The XML data supplied by the WebService is processed by an Excel VBA script and converted into a suitable Excel recordset with which the user can work as usual. Well-established work processes can still be used by the customer while security has been improved.

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