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Boutique Consulting vs. Commodity Services and Competitive Advantage

Why knowledge is still power!

Have you ever wondered why many larger companies are increasingly outsourcing their so-called ‘non-core business’?

I always wonder why the companies became successful with their core business …
So that they could even think about giving up their core business.

The contribution of central departments to competitive advantage

Did these support departments not make the contribution that was so tailored to the requirements of the core business that the employees of the core business could then concentrate fully on them?

And now?

What happens in general when the non-core business is out of focus and gradually replaced by more or less anonymous commodity service suppliers?

What does the declining quality of the support departments lead to? With increasingly generic support processes? Fewer and fewer people who understand and share the competitive advantage? What happens to the competitive Advantage now? What message does the core business employee get? When is it increasingly buried under generic administrative activities?

Where has the momentum gone to actually implement the brilliant ideas? How much time do the experts from the core areas spend running after support tickets that are not processed?

Or in other words – how many projects fail because there is no buy-in for those involved? Because commodity suppliers are often also used for future-relevant projects, who simply paint over the slides of their PowerPoint backgrounds with the colors of the latest customer, just swapping the logo and the name?

Who only care about ‘figures, data, facts!’ instead of the main goal of the core business?

How is the company heritage treated in this case? What is the long-term cost if the entire company knowledge and ist hard-earned competitive advantage is neglected or completely ignored?

A head start with boutique consulting

Boutique example
But they still exist – people who use their expertise, and their knowledge and commitment to achieve the best in project management and IT services. This is boutique consulting – customer-oriented consulting that listens carefully, understands the requirements and then fulfills them accordingly – boutique.

People who have specialized knowledge and want to use it. Common sense would tell you and your company to give these experts the freedom they need to work out their competitive advantage and use them for the future.

In this way, these boutique consultants can revive and develop the competitive advantage, the visions and ideas of the company’s founders.

So … the advantage over consumers of commodity services will continue to grow in the future.

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