Our customers include companies from the pharmaceutical/chemical sector such as Merck KGaA, transport companies, debt counselling, tax offices and medium-sized craft businesses as well as cultural development associations.

Examples of successful projects in the field of project management, consulting and individual software:

Expertise LIMS DevOp LabVantage

Since 2017 anic has been working on a project in the LIMS area. For the product LabVantage, this includes DevOps, release management and wave-based deployment (cross-wave coordination). Our mandate also includes quality control of supplier activities (KPIs), training and control of environment development, validation, production and sandboxing. The first wave included approximately 200 users at several European locations. Locations in APAC and LATAM will be integrated by 2022.

From May to August 2018, anic carried out a study on the introduction of LIMS at the market leader for SCIT. With representatives of the laboratories and the quality department and control (QU / QC), the work processes were determined on the basis of several workshops on site and remotely. The objective was high level clarification the of usability, to estimate the resources, the budget and the timeline for approximately 70 users.

The custom-made software developed by anic supports our customers in all processes in debt counseling. Extensive data on the situation of the debtor can be recorded during the conversation with the client. The application uses this to generate all correspondence with the client and the creditors and manages incoming and outgoing documents. Due to the complexity of the forms and the processes themselves, this has lead to significant simplification for the consultant. Account movements are imported from accounting and automatically assigned to the cases. The client is supported until an out-of-court settlement or private insolvency is achieved and is also looked after afterwards. The software can be rented by other debt advice agencies.

Expertise komplexe individuelle Software
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