The importance of community function for procurement and inventory management software

The importance of the community approach for sales and purchasing of chemicals and raw materials

Community function transforms procurement and inventory management-software into a marketplace

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The COVID-19 pandemic threw supply chains around the world out of rhythm and exposed sensitive weaknesses in the reliability of traditional procurement processes. The current conflict in Ukraine will also lead to long-lasting supply problems of key raw materials (among other tragic, far-reaching consequences).

It is now urgently necessary, especially for companies in the chemical industry, to implement appropriate measures and solutions to guarantee research, production, and delivery capability at marketable prices.

Waiting times on suppliers have a whole series of additional negative effects: Increasing costs for research, development and production, decreasing profitability, increasing prices, loss of market share to competitors with better procurement methods or geographical advantages such as closeness to raw material suppliers.

A golden solution is a community approach as an integral part of inventory management systems. Departments or laboratories in companies can display all or part of the stock of products in their various warehouses to other interested parties in the group and make it available for ordering. Before certain materials procured again, existing resources can be used.

This method is not only sustainable and ecological, because, among other things, remaining stocks are used sensibly, thus avoiding possible expiry and disposal.

Based on our statistics over the last 7 years, a cost reduction of up to 30% on chemical orders for laboratory supplies can easily be achieved. For example, with 500 users and an annual purchasing volume of €3 million, our anicors solution generates a benefit of €750,000 annually with a 25% cost reduction.

Let us show you how anicors already fully integrates exactly this community approach today, and how companies in the chemical industry can benefit from it immediately.

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