The importance of B2B marketplaces for chemicals

B2B Marketplaces for Chemicals

The total turnover of the global chemical market in 2020 was around 3.5 trillion euros. This makes the chemical industry one of the largest industries in the world. 

Three challenges facing the industry could be overcome through the use of B2B platforms. 

B2B Marketplaces for Chemicals

First challenge: The industry is very much dependent on intermediate products from other manufacturers within its own ranks. For example, suppliers in some segments act as competitors for end products, whereas they rely on each other to manufacture intermediate products. 

Second challenge: The manufacturing process of highly complex end products can only run smoothly and cost-effectively if all the necessary raw materials and intermediate products are delivered by suppliers on time and in sufficient quantities. Functions of modern B2B portals, with community and AI functions, offer a transparent overview of your internal warehouse and products available from other suppliers at the same time. Possibilities such as similarity search, automated generation of requests as well as intelligent evaluation of history, search queries and inventories give the laboratory technician and the corporation ideal working tools to plan and produce cost-effectively. 

Third challenge: The variety of suppliers on the market consists of hundreds of thousands of possible suppliers and partners worldwide. In Germany alone, almost 2,200 companies are active in the industry, 90% of which are smaller companies with fewer than 500 employees. The situation is similar worldwide. Although it can be assumed that production itself follows uniform standards (GxP), this does not necessarily apply to order and delivery processes. However, in order to remain competitive on the market and to produce cost-effectively, it is advantageous to tap into the full market potential of manufacturers. For laboratory technicians or purchasers, it is almost impractical or even impossible to keep up-to-date price lists and contact details for all suppliers that may be required. 

Solution approach: B2B platforms could be a possibility here to offer both one’s own intermediate and end products to a wider range of customers, but at the same time to access many more suppliers in a standardized solution. 

anic supports companies in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry in establishing B2B portals for purchasing and selling chemical products. Take a look at our anicors solution and make an appointment with Denis Nicklas right now.

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